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Zotrim is a safe and easy way to lose weight. Not only is it 100% natural in composition but has been launched by Nature Remedies Ltd a brand committed to provide wholesome health solutions. All of their products provide natural alternatives for general well being, case in point being Fibersugar.

Zotrim was launched in 2000. Nature Remedies spent years just researching three of the main ingredients before they could make it available to the public and is today one of the only solutions for effective weight loss. Zotrim was formulated by Dr Trevor Jarman CEO and Dr Lasse Hessel Medical Director of Nature Remedies.

Yerba Mate, Gurana and Damania are the star ingredients of Zotrim. All three have been used for centuries by hungry tribal people to suppress hunger and provide a feeling of fullness between meals. These wonder health supplements are native to South America.

Zotrim is 100% plant based in its composition making it absolutely safe for vegetarians and vegans. It has shown a faster fall in body fat and inch loss in some users than other weight loss pills. Zotrim in addition has a wonderful after effect on users, most of them actually complain of feeling energetic and positive after regular use.

Eight consecutive clinical tests were held to bring out the best in all the ingredients of Zotrim. Sports Dietician Jane Griffin and Personal trainer Laura William have been recommending Zotrim to most of their clients and have witnessed positive results.

What gives Zotrim an edge above competitors, is that it is cheaper per pound than some of the other weight loss pills and yet provides faster and better results by just suppressing the appetite in users. Similarly Zotrim has no fat binders or additives and fillers.

Zotrim is easy to use; just two supplements before each meal are all you need to do with Zotrim. Meals should be low fat and simple lifestyle changes should be incorporated into daily habits to bring faster results.

Furthermore Zotrim is easily available online and in most of the leading health and beauty care stores in the UK. The site allows discreet ordering and shipping incase people prefer to get their weight loss pills online. Additionally it has a one month money back guarantee where you can return even a six month supply if you are unsatisfied with the product.

Zotrim has been featured on the BBC 2 Professor Ragen’s Diet Clinic a program that showcases the best weight loss products in UK. It has also been reviewed by the Nature Journal and Daily Mirror as a superior weight loss product.

Why Take Zotrim?

From all indications and information gathered, we can confidently that Zotrim is an effective product. There are a number of benefits that are associated with this product, which make it effective for weight loss, without much struggle. Here are some of the ways that Zotrim will be of significant help to you:

  • Eat Less: Naturally, when you take Zotrim, you will reduce the amount food taken in a given day. It has been proven that people who take Zotrim eat foods that have low fat content and on average consume 112 calories more. Isn’t that awesome since you do not struggle with food portion management?
  • Easy Resistance to Snacks: Zotrim makes it easy for you to stay away from snacks and this keeps you fit and healthy. You will feel full for longer and this makes it possible to go without snacks in between meals.
  • Become More Active: The active ingredients like Guarana and Yerba Maté will keep you alert. There is some level of caffeine in Zotrim, which keeps you hyperactive and improves performance significantly. The ingredients also boost energy levels and this will allow you to exercise easily.
  • No Special Diet: Forget about those products, which insist on special diets and heavy workouts so that they can work. Zotrim works without any strenuous fitness exercises or any special additives to your diet.

These are some of the key benefits associated with Zotrim and as you have seen, it really works. The main function of this weight loss supplement is to reduce hunger cravings, suppress appetite, burn fats in the body and also reduce bacteria in the body. All these benefits are made possible by the ingredients present in the supplement. Let’s take a look at the active ingredients in Zotrim.

Active Ingredients

Zotrim is the ultimate product for many individuals who have tried and tested some of the most potent weight loss pills on the market. Zotrim is a powerful appetite suppressant that is easy to use and easier to obtain online.

Launched by Nature Remedies, makers of the highly valued Fibersugar a patented dietary fiber for adults and teenagers, Zotrim has changed the way we look at weight loss from the word go.

Zotrim packs in the goodness of three of the most well known natural fat loss supplements used for centuries by natives in rural South America. Yerba Mate, Damiana and Gaurana in specific ratios help this herbal weight loss pill to get the desired results without the usual diet pill side effects.

On the contrary, Zotrim aids weight loss by cutting hunger pangs, reducing meal portions to a considerable degree and eliminating the need to snack between meals. In fact it has been noted to aid fat loss by initiating inch loss at a considerably fast and effective rate in contrast to other pills.

There are a number of ingredients found in Zotrim and it is the combination of these ingredients that make it a superior weight loss product, comparable to no other. The benefits derived from this supplement would be hard to find in any other product. The main ingredients are:

Yerba Maté

Yerba Maté is a herbal plant found in South America and the leaf extracts are effective in reducing hunger and fatigue. During exercises, this is the ingredient that will boost the energy levels, making you feel more active. In addition, this is the ingredient that will stop any weight gains as it inhibits the development of new fat cells in the body.


Like you may have realized, most energy drinks contain Guarana. This is as a result of the high level of caffeine in its seed extract. This is used in the manufacture of Zotrim and is significant in increasing your metabolism rate, which allows more fat to be burned.


The leaf extract of this traditional herbal remedy is also present in Zotrim. This is known to enhance gentle emotions, which makes it easier to resist more food and snacks in between meals. Ideally, this will give you the power to resist food.


The caffeine that is added in Zotrim is aimed at providing an invigorating effect as well as increase energy and alertness. This will make you to become more active, physically, and thereby losing weight without much of a struggle.

Vitamin B6 and B3

These are part of the new improvements in Zotrim. The vitamins are added into the product so as to make the supplement to serve as a healthy diet. The vitamins will aid in metabolism and will reduce fatigue and boost energy levels.

Key Advantages

  • Zotrim allows you to lose weight naturally, due to the natural herbal ingredients
  • You can easily purchase the supplement online through various authentic online retailers
  • The manufacturer offers a 100% money back guarantee, which proves that the product works.
  • The use of natural ingredients, significantly reduces any negative side effects, from the use of Zotrim


  • The company does not provide free trials
  • The weight loss supplement has to be taken thrice a day with water, which may be a great inconvenience
  • Some people may be allergic to the ingredients used in the manufacture of Zotrim.

Is Zotrim a Scam or Real?

Whether Zotrim is a scam or the real thing is something you must judge for yourself after reading the varied reviews, media coverage and user testimonials.

Zotrim has undergone eight clinical studies before it was put on the market for your use. It is formulated by Dr Trevor Jarman CEO and Dr Lasse Hessel Medical Director of Nature Remedies and recommended by Sports Dietician Jane Griffin and Personal trainer Laura William to most of their obese clients.

It has also been reviewed by the Nature Journal and Daily Mirror as one of the top 10 weight loss products and has been featured on the BBC 2 Professor Ragen’s Diet Clinic a program that promotes safe weight loss.

Zotrim is full of the goodness of naturally obtained Yerba Mate, Gaurana and Damiana all proven to have fat loss properties. All ingredients have been tested individually and as a whole to avoid side effects.

Zotrim works by suppressing hunger by sending the right signals to the nervous system. In addition it also elevates your metabolism giving you more energy for exercise as well as daily routines unlike diet pill side effects that leave you hungry or depressed or both. Zotrim burns fat by digesting consumed food more effectively resulting in significant fat loss.

Most users have shown visible weight and overall inch loss. Others have shown a gradual but steady decrease in the need to snack all the time. Furthermore Zotrim has a money back guarantee that allows you to try the product for yourself and return if unhappy. Surprisingly there have been no returns. They also have a fully functional customer support service.

Zotrim is specifically beneficial to women with family responsibilities and those who work long hours at the work place as using Zotrim is simple and hardly requires additional life style changes.

However the only word of caution about Zotrim is that it has high doses of Caffeine found naturally in Yerba Mate. To avoid nausea, sleeplessness and other similar side effects it must not be taken with caffeinated foods.


Zotrim appears to be a unique and effective weight loss product. Most of the reviews from consumers indicate that it is an authentic supplement, which allows you to easily lose weight in a couple of weeks. The product is made from natural herbs with different unique attributes. The combination of these ingredients, offered unrivaled benefits to you, making it easy to lose weight and stay healthy at the same time.

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